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  • On the Marge – stories from the Walnut Crescent Bed and Breakfast in Whitehorse, Yukon
  • Off the Track – international intrigue meets real life in northern Alberta
  • Carrying On – the dramatic life of an officer and a gentleman... for real, not like in the movies


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On the Marge

On the Marge

Chuck, Mara, their six-year-old daughter Alex, and their golden retriever Quark run the Walnut Crescent Bed and Breakfast in Whitehorse. They take turns telling about the quirky situations and people they encounter. Is life in Yukon really that close to the frontier of eccentricity?

1. First Night

Chuck never really planned to be in the bed and breakfast business. He just sort of walked into it.

2. Crazy German

Franz wasn't one of the crazy Germans. Not at first, anyway.

3. The Day the Dam Broke

The power dam keeps Schwatka Lake from flooding Whitehorse. What do you do when it cracks?

4. Synchronicity

In Yukon, people come together in ways we can never predict.

5. SAD

We are all sad in Yukon. But sad (or SAD) means different things to different people.

6. All the World's a Bus

All the world's a bus, and all the men and women merely passengers. But then the comfortable predictability of the bus routine changes.

7. Cache Prize

Seek and you will find... sometimes more than what you were looking for.

8. Climate Change

Whitehorse does not have a fully developed beach culture. Or at least it didn't have one until climate change arrived.

9. French Connection

One should never judge a book by its cover... because covers, by their very nature, cover things up. So what was inside Vincent's cover?

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The intro and exit instrumentals in the podcasts in On the Marge are courtesy of Kate Weekes. You can find out more about her music at www.kateweekes.com.

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Off the Track

Off the Track

This series starts with main story Off the Track in multiple episodes. Who are the mysterious people in white camouflage? What are they doing in the middle of the woods in northern Alberta, disrupting the operations of the Alberta Northern Railway?

The series then continues with short stories about some of the characters that appear in Off the Track as they face real-life dilemmas: To vaccinate? Was that really an angel? Winning her heart... and the lottery...

Episodes to follow.

Podcasts in Off the Track © 2019, Tim Green

Carrying On

Carrying On

People without military experience imagine that Canadian military life is just like American war movies: screaming drill sergeants (Full Metal Jacket), broken lives and broken hearts (Officer and a Gentleman), or egos and historical legacy (Patton). Sure, there might be a bit of that but real life in the Canadian army is much more entertaining, more like M*A*S*H.

This podcast presents short stories from the life of a Canadian signal officer in Canada and overseas. Not at all like Apocalypse Now!

Episodes to follow.

Podcasts in Carrying On © 2019, Tim Green

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