Emitime is a small clock the runs in a browser window. It displays UTC but you can specify an offset time and timezone name. You will probably want to resize it and let it run in small window.


Clock font: /cgi-bin/emitime.cgi?f=n where n is in the range 1–10.
Set f= 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Clock font size: /cgi-bin/emitime.cgi?s=n where n is a real number in the range 0.0–20, practically 1–20.
Set s= 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 15 20

URL: /cgi-bin/emitime.cgi?u=xxx where xxx is the target URL to go to when the clock is clicked.
Set u= https://timmit.ca/tools/emitime/index.shtml

Background/foreground colour: /cgi-bin/emitime.cgi?b=n&c=m where n is in the background colour in hex and m is the foreground colour in hex, no leading "#". Many combinations are possible, only a few of which appear in this table:

b= c= colours set
000000 ffffff black on white set
ffffff 000000 white on black set
80d605 185d00 dark green on light set
000000 00ff40 light green on black set
d7e6ff 6080ff blue on darker blue set

Timezone: /cgi-bin/emitime.cgi?l=n&o=m where n is the label (name) of the timezone and m is the offset in hours from UTC, either positve or negative. For the timezone label use "%2b" to encode "+".

l= o= set
UTC+12 12 set
UTC+11 11 set
UTC+10 10 set
UTC+9 9 set
UTC+8 8 set
UTC+7 7 set
UTC+6 6 set
UTC+5 5 set
UTC+4 4 set
UTC+3 3 set
UTC+2 2 set
UTC+1 1 set
UTC 0 set
UTC-1 -1 set
UTC-2 -2 set
NDT -2.5 set
UTC-3 -3 set
NST -3.5 set
ADT -3 set
UTC-4 -4 set
AST -4 set
EDT -4 set
UTC-5 -5 set
EST -5 set
CDT -5 set
UTC-6 -6 set
CST -6 set
MDT -6 set
SK -6 set
UTC-7 -7 set
MST -7 set
PDT -7 set
YT -7 set
UTC-8 -8 set
PST -8 set
AKDT -8 set
UTC-9 -9 set
AKST -9 set
UTC-10 -10 set
UTC-11 -11 set
UTC-12 -12 set



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