Editing and Writing Case Studies

Here are some case studies of TimmiT's editing and writing projects. See also TimmiT's expert generalist case studies.

Project: strategic use of Internet study

Client: national transportation organization

Description: The client had a website that was designed and maintained by a professional staff. The client, familiar with Tim's background in the specific industry and his experience with effective use of the Internet, asked him to evaluate the existing site and make recommendations for improvements to structure and content. The client also asked Tim to recommend how the web could be used for educating the public more effectively in spreading the organization's message. The deliverable was a report in electronic and printed format with executive summary, photographs, external references, and detailed site analysis in annexes.

Project: documentation for asset management strategy

Client: large multi-site forest-industry company

Description: The client needed to standardize its existing scattered asset management document base, organize it into a coherent structure, then update and expand it in usable form. Tim worked with the client to develop document templates and practical style guides so that employees and contractors could concentrate on content. This is an ongoing project where Tim copyedits the the resulting code-of-practice documents. The project highlights the value of having an editor who is also an engineer experienced in the subject matter to develop real content that is actually relevant and useful to the intended audience.

Project: background study on nuclear energy

Client: prominent scientific research organization

Description: The client had been contracted by a provincial government to prepare a technical report on the trade-offs of nuclear energy in the provincial context. The target audience of the report included political decision makers and the general public. Tim coordinated the work of ten Canadian and American scientists working on disjointed schedules over a six-week period to produce a readable 130-page report complete with illustrations, graphs, data, references, and glossary to meet a hard deadline. In doing so, he rewrote major sections and balanced all the inputs to ensure consistent language, tone, format, and reading level throughout. Tim's engineering expertise was invaluable on this project because he was able to identify logic faults and technical inconsistencies in the subject matter and have them resolved before final publication. The deliverable was the final document in several different electronic formats.

Project: transportation engineering papers (English as a second language)

Client: professor in prestigious Asian university

Description: The client had written a series of technical papers to be published in international peer-reviewed engineering journals. Even though his command of English (his second language) was quite good, the client realized that successful publication required the expertise of an English-language editor with experience in engineering subjects. Tim copyedited these papers in several iterations with the client, each over a compressed schedule to meet review and publication deadlines. He also edited the required revisions after peer review. Because of the high standard of initial editing and the general technical check that Tim had been able to apply, the revisions were minor. The inputs to this process were in Word or Latex format; the deliverables were the revised Word or Latex files with PDF proofs available for the client's password-protected download from the TimmiT website.

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