Expert Generalist

TimmiT provides expert generalist services.

The world is full of specialists and those who claim to be specialists. Engaging a specialist for a task is appropriate when your problem is well defined from the outset and when the nature of the problem clearly matches an identifiable field of expertise.

Real-world business problems, however, rarely lend themselves to such convenient classification. The nature or the scope of the solution may not be readily apparent, particularly in an environment of change or innovation. It is in situations such as these where TimmiT's expert generalist services are essential.

As expert generalist rather than specialist, TimmiT has in-depth strategic knowledge in a number of key areas, and the capability to build on those knowledge areas to solve your problem. Depending on the project, we may have the expertise to produce some or all of the solution directly. In other cases, we may draw on our network of generalists across Canada. The result is a practical solution that meets your needs.

A key element in most projects is some sort of report, usually in writing but possibly in some other medium. This could be for your consumption as the primary client or to present your position to some other party. Or you might be preparing a request for proposal or responding to a request for proposal. TimmiT's expertise in writing and editing along with our engineering and technical background are a unique combination into which you can tap in solving your business problems.

Because our expert generalist services potentially cover a wide range, it's not really practical to provide a simple list of things that TimmiT can do. However, a list of expert generalist case studies shows some of TimmiT's past projects.

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