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RFP Preparation

Your object in preparing a value-driven request for proposal (RFP) is to find the smartest, most-experienced company that can solve your problem. For such a company at the top of its field, the biggest risk is not actually doing the work because they have done it many times before and have solved real problems that crop up in doing so.

For a smart, experienced company, the biggest variable risk is YOU, the owner. The company may skip responding to your RFP and stick with customers who are less risk if they detect any of the following:

So, if the best companies decline to participate in the RFP process, you end up selecting from the field of second- and third-stringers. Yes, you may pay a lower cost up front (contractor inexperience or attempt to ramp up the change orders later) or even higher cost (to cover uncertainty) but you will live with the result long term. After all, you're doing value-driven RFP because you care about cost AND quality.

Consider this evaluation/selection criterion from an actual government RFP:

Give the educational qualifications of the team members. (100 points)

This sort of criterion is unevaluable and has the potential to cause at least three problems.

None of these scenarios end very well, some of them possibly in court. You don't want to be there. Instead, you can build on TimmiT's expertise in multiple levels of government and private sector procurement to

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