Complex Words

Complex words often appear in technical writing. These slow down the reader, and may cause the reader to misunderstand them and feel ignorant. These are closely related to the extra words issue.

If you find the words or phrases from the left-hand column in your text, consider the alternatives in the right-hand column.

Avoid this Consider this
accord give
accordingly so
advantageous helpful
aforesaid as previously mentioned
albeit although, but
ameliorate improve
apprise inform
ascertain find out, learn, check
begs the question raises the question
characterize describe
cognizant aware
commence start, begin
commensurate appropriate, equal
consolidate combine
deem consider
deleterious harmful
demonstrate show
detrimental harmful
dispatch send
disseminate issue, spread, send
downsize reduce
effectuate bring about, cause
encounter find, meet
endeavour try
enumerate list
evidenced showed, shown
expiration close, end, finish
facilitate help, ease
finalize complete, conclude, finish
forecasted forecast
forthwith immediately
inception start
irregardless regardless
leverage use
methodology method
modification change
necessitate require, demand, call for
nowadays today, currently
obviate avoid, eliminate
optimum best
orientate orient
partially partly
perform do
portion part
pre-planning planning
prescribed required
preventative preventive
prioritize rank
priorize rank
promulgate issue, publish
quintessential perfect example
regarding about
remuneration payment, reward
render make, give, give back
retain keep
subsequent next
sufficient enough
terminate end, stop
time frame period, interval, timespan
ubiquitous wide-spread
ultimate last, final eventual
utilization use
utilize use
whereas as, since, while
whether if

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