Extra Words

Extra words often appear in technical writing. These add nothing to the meaning of the text and slow down the reader. These are closely related to the complex words issue.

If you find the words or phrases from the left-hand column in your text, consider the alternatives in the right-hand column.

Avoid this Consider this
a certain number of some
a considerable amount of much
a considerable number of many
a decreased amount of less
a decreased number of fewer
a number of some, many
accounted for by the fact that because
already exist exist
alternative choices choices
an adequate amount of enough
an example of this is the fact that for example
annual basis annually, every year
any and all (pick one)
as a consequence so
as a result of because
as is well known (delete)
as well as and
as yet yet
at or about (pick one)
at the present time now
attached herewith is here is
based on the fact that because
bring to a conclusion end, close, conclude
by the use of with
come to an agreement agree
compared with than
comply with meet, obey
conduct an evaluation evaluate
conduct an investigation study, investigate
considering the fact that because
contributing factor factor
despite the fact that despite
do an inspection of inspect
due to the fact that because
duly authorized authorized
during such time while
during the course of during
each and every (pick one)
end result result
excessive number too many
for a period of for
for all intents and purposes virtually
for the purpose of to
for the reason that because
from the time that since
furnish a solution solve
future plans plans
give rise to cause
group together group
has been shown to be is
has been widely acknowledged as is
has the ability can
have an effect on affect, influence
in a westward direction west
in consequence so
in consequence of this fact therefore
in height high, tall
in light of the fact that because
in only a small number of cases rarely
in order to to
in regard to about
in the amount of for
in the ballpark about, around
in the event of if
in the near future soon
in the neighbourhood of near, about
in the vicinity of near, close to
in view of the fact that because
in whole or in part (delete)
is authorized to may
is of the opinion believes
it appears that apparently
it has long been known that (delete)
it is important to note that (delete)
it is requested please
it may, however, be noted that but
lacks the ability to cannot
located in immediate vicinity of near
majority of most
make an assumption that assume
may, in its sole discretion may
mutual agreement agreement
mutually agree agree
new development development
not correct incorrect
not in a position to unable to, cannot
notwithstanding the fact that although
of an indefinite nature indefinite
on a weekly basis weekly
on condition that if
on most occasions usually
on the grounds that because
one and only only
owing to the fact that because
per annum yearly, per year, a year
per diem daily, daily allowance
perform an assessment of assess
period of n days n days
point in time time
potentially dangerous/hazardous unsafe, dangerous
previous to before
prior experience experience
prior to before
prior to the occasion when before
provide a description of describe
provided that if
pursuant to under, about, following, by
saving and excepting except
set out explain, describe
should it prove to be the case that if
significant portion most
so as to be able to to
spell out explain, describe
standards and criteria standards
start off start
subsequent to after
such time as when
sufficient number enough
take into consideration consider
terms and conditions terms, conditions
the question as to whether whether
the vast majority of most
to all appearances apparently
true facts facts
undertake an analysis analyze
was found to be was
while at the same time while
within a comparatively short period soon
within the realm of possibility possible
worst-case scenario at worst

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