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TimmiT Toolbox

Eclectic Engineering Resources

Engineering calculator: Webscalp – unit conversions, map calculations, root finding, time and date calculations, and much more; free TimmiT online application

Project timer: Remitimer – free TimmiT online application

Forms, graph paper: Printable Paper – for the occasions when computer applications just aren't suitable

Security: Passap – password application to generate passwords for .htpasswd; free TimmiT online application

Internetworking: WhatIsMyIPAddress – match IP addresses and domain names, check IPs blacklisted for spam, trace email, speed test...

XML/HTML entities:

HTML colours:

Web validation:

Link checking:

Text generators:

  • Lorem Ipsum – Lorem ipsum generator, useful for generating blocks of text for testing web pages or electronic publications
  • Aphabet Predictive Encoder (APE) – generates blocks of filler text similar to input text with a controllable level of similarity; free TimmiT online application

Letter frequency analysis:

Lexical Engineering Resources

Editorial skills: Definitions – Editors' Association of Canada

Office software: Apache Open Office – office productivity software compatible with Microsoft Office; free software download

Keyboards: Windows keyboard drivers – for entry of scientific symbols or accented characters; free download from TimmiT


Style guides:

  • Chicago Manual of Style – The online version of the printed reference book requires a subscription. However, if you have the printed version, you can search the index online for free.
  • The Canadian Style – Online version of the style guide used by some Canadian companies, organizations, and government agencies
  • IEEE Editorial Style Manual – Style guide for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers publications, also used by others


US vs UK vs Canadian English:

Reading level, readability index:

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