Rules of Procurement

These are the Timmit Rules of Procurement (TROP... oui, c'est trop!), a somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at procurement based on years of not only actually doing it, but also living with the results.

  1. Rule of Bestsellers RULE_BESTSELLER
  2. Rule of Foresight RULE_FORESIGHT
  3. Rule of Unscrewing RULE_UNSCREWING
  4. Rule of Change Management RULE_CHANGEMGT
  5. Rule of Whirlwind Romance RULE_ROMANCE
  6. Rule of Up-front Investment RULE_INVESTMENT
  7. Rule of Canine Insight RULE_CANINE
  8. Rule of Language RULE_LANGUAGE
  9. First Rule of Maximum Dundancy RULE_DUNDANCY1
  10. Second Rule of Maximum Dundancy RULE_DUNDANCY2
  11. Rule of RFP Questions RULE_RFPQUESTIONS
  12. Rule of Testing Language in Court RULE_LANGCOURT
  13. Rule of the Non-singularity of Excrement RULE_EXCREMENT
  14. Rule of Excremental Acceleration RULE_EXCACCELERATION
  15. Rule of Breaking Bad RULE_BREAKINGBAD
  16. Rule of Capacity Planning RULE_CAPACITYPLANNING
  17. Rule of Stupidity RULE_STUPIDITY
  18. Rule of Ignorance RULE_IGNORANCE
  19. Rule of Mistakes RULE_MISTAKES
  20. Rule of Contradiction RULE_CONTRADICTION

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