Muralarum alarm clock



Muralarum is a configurable alarm clock with selectable alarm sound.

To set the alarm, select the time (hours, minutes, seconds) from the drop-down controls and click Set. This will lock out the drop-down controls. The colons between digits will start to flash and the SET status messagewill appear. The alarm will ring when the clock time reaches the alarm time.

To stop the alarm when it's ringing or to turn it off before it rings, click Reset. The OFF status message will appear.

Muralarum displays a label above the time, which may be useful if running several instances of Muralarum in different windows to remind you which window is timing what event. Muralarum does not use or save the label; it simply displays it. To change the label, click on it, enter the desired text, then [Enter] before setting the alarm time. Or you can set the label on startup using the "l=" setting; see below.


Label: /cgi-bin/muralarum.cgi?l=xxx where xxx is the label to show. To change the label once it is displayed, click on it, enter the desired text, then [Enter]. Encode spaces with %20.
Example: /cgi-bin/muralarum.cgi?l=Call%20PM

Main clock digit font size: /cgi-bin/muralarum.cgi?s=n where n is in the range 1–20.
Set s= 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Setting controls size: /cgi-bin/muralarum.cgi?c=n where n is in the range 1–10.
Set c= 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Alarm sound: /cgi-bin/muralarum.cgi?a=n where n is in the range 1–9.
Set a= 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

a= name preview set
1 blast set
2 klaxon set
3 beep 3 set
4 buzz set
5 dive set
6 foghorn set
7 sweep set
8 smoke set
9 bong set

Timezone: /cgi-bin/muralarum.cgi?l=n&o=m where n is the label (name) of the timezone and m is the offset in hours from UTC, either positve or negative. For the timezone label, use "%20" to encode a space and "%2b" to encode "+".

z= o= set
UTC+12 12 set
UTC+11 11 set
UTC+10 10 set
UTC+9 9 set
UTC+8 8 set
UTC+7 7 set
UTC+6 6 set
UTC+5 5 set
UTC+4 4 set
UTC+3 3 set
UTC+2 2 set
UTC+1 1 set
UTC 0 set
UTC-1 -1 set
UTC-2 -2 set
NDT -2.5 set
UTC-3 -3 set
NST -3.5 set
ADT -3 set
UTC-4 -4 set
AST -4 set
EDT -4 set
UTC-5 -5 set
EST -5 set
CDT -5 set
UTC-6 -6 set
CST -6 set
MDT -6 set
SK -6 set
UTC-7 -7 set
MST -7 set
PDT -7 set
YT -7 set
UTC-8 -8 set
PST -8 set
AKDT -8 set
UTC-9 -9 set
AKST -9 set
UTC-10 -10 set
UTC-11 -11 set
UTC-12 -12 set


Show diagnostic screen: /cgi-bin/muralarum.cgi?d=n where n can be anything other than blank, e.g., d=1.

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