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Remitimer is an on-screen stopwatch designed to time project work that may be done in segments over several days. Starting and stopping the timer will keep track of the elapsed time even when the browser window is closed and the computer is turned off. The elapsed time in minutes or hours may be used for billing purposes, generally for projects done at the keyboard.

A typical scenario would be for a project of several hours, performed on a time-available basis over one or more days. Say, for example, in the morning of the first day, you start the timer when you start the project and work for 90 minutes, at which point you stop the timer. That afternoon, you work for another 30 minutes, starting and stopping the timer at the start and at the end, respectively. The next day, you work another 135 minutes to finish the job, again starting and stopping the timer as you begin and end the period of work. Remitimer keeps track of the running total and shows 255 minutes (or 4.25 hours) as you finish. It didn't matter that you closed the Remitimer window or turned off the computer in between.

Remitimer appears in two versions: the compact version and the standard version.

Use: compact version

To use Remitimer the first time, or to start a new timing sequence, click on the Reset button. This will put everything back to zero.

Remitimer can time projects in hours, minutes, or seconds. To change the units, click on the the appropriate Units radio button near the top of the screen, then click on the Set button. If you don't click the Set button after changing units, the units will not change.

The running total of accumulated time from previous work segments is shown on the Previous line. You can override this on the fly by typing in a new value and then clicking on Set. The result is interpreted in the currently selected units, either hours, minutes, or seconds.

It's probably not a good idea to change the units and the previous time simultaneously when the clock is running. The previous time may get interpreted as the wrong unit; this will make the running total wrong. Reset the timer first, change the units with Set, then re-start.

Using Set will not stop the clock if it is running. The total time is what is listed at Previous (the time from previous segments) plus what is listed at Current (the time elapsed in the current segment). The running total is shown at Total.

The Start! button will start the clock if it is stopped. When the clock is running, the red and green animation at the top of the screen will change approximately every second. Without this, it may not be obvious that the clock is running, especially if it is counting hours, since the display would otherwise change every 36 seconds.

The Stop! button will stop the clock if it is running. The accumulated total will be shown in Total and also be transferred to Previous to be ready for the next segment.

The Help! button will bring you to this page. The Done! button will take you to the main tools page.

If the counter is running, it will continue to do so for about a year. This works even when the browser window is closed and the computer is off.

To function, Remitimer requires that you have cookies enabled in your browser. This is to track the accumulated and start times, and is only available to your computer; it does not track any personal information.

Use: standard version

The standard version is functionally equivalent to the compact version with the following differences:

Main stopwatch digit font size: /cgi-bin/remitimer.cgi?s=n where n is in the range 1–20.
Set s= 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Setting controls size: /cgi-bin/remitimer.cgi?c=n where n is in the range 1–10.
Set c= 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Units: /cgi-bin/remitimer.cgi?u=n where n is unit code in the range 0–2.
Set u= 0 - hours, 1 - minutes, 2 - seconds

Display mode: /cgi-bin/remitimer.cgi?m=n where n is the mode in the range 0–1.
Set m= 0 - compact, 1 - standard


Show diagnostic screen: /cgi-bin/remitimer.cgi?d=n where n can be anything other than blank, e.g., d=1.

show (new window)

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