Editing and Writing

Editing means different things to different people. Editors Canada provides a good definition of editorial skills that shows the difference between copyediting and proofreading, for example. TimmiT will use this list when discussing the scope of any editing project with you. However, you may not care but you know the result you want. TimmiT can work that way too.

In a similar vein, writing can cover a wide range. The process depends on what you supply as input, who you see as your audience, whether you need photos and figures included, and the medium in which you need the result, among other factors.

One of TimmiT's specialties is the preparation of requests for proposals (RFPs) that will result in eventual awarding of contracts. Presentation of the statement of work in unambiguous terms and design of objective evaluation criteria while avoiding legal challenges are tasks that many organizations find difficult. Fortunately, these are areas in which TimmiT has considerable expertise.

Maybe you are responding to an RFP. TimmiT can help with responses and proposals, too!

Another of TimmiT's specialties is editing technical papers for people working in English as a second language (ESL). This includes papers for acceptance by peer-reviewed US and UK journals as well as theses for post-graduate degrees.

A list of case studies illustrates the range of the editing and writing work that TimmiT has done.

In both editing and writing, TimmiT's expertise as expert generalist is a significant advantage in addressing business, engineering, science, and general technical topics. Because we understand the subject matter, we are able to catch errors of fact or logic that would escape editors or writers without relevant backgrounds. This saves our clients considerable professional embarrassment.

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