Expert Generalist Case Studies

Here are some case studies of TimmiT's expert generalist projects. See also TimmiT's editing and writing case studies.

Project: trackside equipment troubleshooting

Client: shortline railway

Description: For the railway, a supplier in another province had installed some specialized trackside equipment that did not work as expected. Tim worked with the railway, the supplier, and the regulatory authority on a solution to the problem. This included technical troubleshooting of the equipment and the associated computer, the conduct of test runs with actual rolling stock supported by trackside still photos and video, on-site statistical analysis of data, documentation of results, and recommendations. Deliverables included video clips and photos, and a series of written documents spread over several months of testing.

Project: e-commerce training

Client: adult training organization

Description: The client ran a government-sponsored program to train adults for success in running their own businesses. Tim presented two levels of classes on the practical use of electronic commerce in a small business setting. These included real case studies of good and bad use of the web to achieve the business aim. There were approximately 25 students per class.

Project: new loading procedures

Client: shortline railway

Description: The client was starting a new freight service for a specific customer to handle a new bulk commodity. Working with the railway employees, contractors, and the commodity customer, Tim developed and documented new loading and delivery procedures, integrating them with existing operating methods and safety regulations. This required outdoor on-site coordination under harsh climatic conditions. Deliverable was a written procedure developed and tested during actual train operations.

Project: instructional audio/visual recordings

Client: national distance education institution

Description: The client provided seminars and classes at its campus in Ontario but needed a way of sharing these with its students in other provinces. Tim digitized the audio recordings made of each session, which in some cases were of poor quality, and then performed signal processing on them to improve the audibility. Tim edited, segmented, and tagged the recordings so they could be downloaded for use on a computer or in a portable MP3 player. For special sessions, this included video recordings as well. This project included several hundred hours of recordings. The deliverable in each case was the digital files for the client to distribute to students.

Project: remote weigh scale

Client: transportation company

Description: This client was implementing bulk commodity storage locations in isolated areas and had committed to installing scales to weigh each arriving truck before it unloaded. In a period of two weeks, Tim identified interface requirements, wrote the statement of work, found capable external contractors, and integrated their work. The result was a computerized control system for the weigh scales that could be queried on a regular basis over a wireless link for scale data retrieval. This included on-site installation and testing of the system, and later customization to adapt to evolving requirements. Deliverables included the workable system and an extensive documentation package that included photos, text, and software.

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