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Who is TimmiT?

Tim Green spent 26 years in the Canadian military as an army signal officer. This gave him an excellent background in telecommunications and information systems along with the leadership and management techniques to get people and technology to work together. He served in many different capacities throughout his military career working in both English and French. This covered the spectrum from troop commander overseas with the United Nations to senior staff planner in various army headquarters in Canada. He retired with the rank of Major.

Tim Green

As a professional engineer for more than 30 years, Tim has served in various capacities as general business and technology consultant. This included e-commerce course instruction, strategic studies, on-site coordination of technical projects, project management, and web site design. His clients have included provincial governments, educational institutions, national organizations, and small businesses.

More recently, Tim was part of the leadership team for a major world-wide computer manufacturer. He set up and managed the group providing bilingual English and French technical support to corporate and government clients. In this capacity, he worked with employees and the clients themselves interchangeably in English and French. He has also worked as a government project and contract manager for a wide range of projects.

As part of his eclectic background, Tim has considerable experience as an English language editor. His engineering background gives him the advantage of understanding the content in a broad range of technical and scientific subjects to add value in editing work in those areas. This firm technical foundation is also useful in preparing tender documents and requests for proposals. Tim also has experience in editing technical papers for those who are writing in English as a second language. Because he is fluent in both English and French, he understands the challenges inherent in a multilingual environment.

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